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Paul Lavers
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Late 2010

Paul Lavers

Paul Lavers

Played Andy Card in Channel 4 Documentary on September 11th & History US Sept 9th
‘A Laughing Matter’
by Dom Rowe 
5th - 16th Oct
Theatre West

A large part of what makes ‘A Laughing Matter’ such a pleasure to watch are the near-faultless performances by Polly Christopher (Marcel Marceau would be proud) and Paul Lavers. From start to finish, it is a thoughtfully crafted and beautifully executed piece of theatre. (James Cooper) ****1/2http://www.venue.co.uk/shapeimage_8_link_0
The characters in this play, acted impeccably by Paul Lavers and Polly Christopher, are magnificent and their interaction was an absolute pleasure to watch.  
This is a play which has been profoundly thought through and carefully crafted.
It is so satisfying to see a play that actually works; with the perfect balance of strength of plot, character and action, fantastic dialogue and of course the central symbol of the ‘laff box,’ driving the meatier concept of the causes of 'laughter' and 'happiness' right back into the audience for us to mull over once the last laugh on stage has been heard, funnilly enough by Audrey.
Emily Buist
It’s a prestigious Film Award Evening, however there’s a technical hitch. Never mind, one of the best known British Movie stars, David Niven, is on hand to entertain. He takes us on a journey through the Golden Era of Hollywood, with hilarious stories and a cast of Hollywood greats. But is there a touch of sadness behind the non stop stories and self deprecating chat?

David Niven Presents gives us an hour in Niven's excellent company, a superb raconteur and just plain fun to be with.

Paul Lavers has previously played "Niv" in ‘Seven Spies at the Casino’. Here are a few comments on his performance:

‘Like Niven, Lavers is a charming storyteller, who occasionally slips into other characters to weave this hour-long monologue. Lavers is witty, easy to watch and tells a fascinating, well researched tale. 
The hour felt like it had slipped by far too quickly..‘   BroadwayBaby.com

‘Beyond the pencil moustache and evening dress, however, he presents far more than a caricature of Niven, taking us into the actor’s life off set and skillfully shedding just enough light and emotion on personal tragedies amid the name-dropping.’  Christopher Barbour

Paul Lavers is an excellent Niven with just the right sort of storytelling style. That Lavers …….allows his Niven to share some painful personal memories before returning to the safe world of cinematic shallowness is a credit to the actor's ease of technique.’  Victor Hallett

Paul is represented by:
Spring 2011 
No1 Tour:
Poole Lighthouse Arts Centre 
Chelmsford Civic Theatre                                                      &
Guildford Yvonne Arnaud theatre

Finished late 2011

‘Paul Lavers as the harassed chief super ........ is the perfect foil.’  ‘Paul Lavers delivers just the right balance of frustration and anger’

‘The majority of the comedy comes from Mrs Piper, played superbly by Erin Geraghty, and her relationship with Superintendent Baxter, the poor officer in charge of the case — 
a very funny performance by Paul Lavers as Baxter’
Swansea Evening News
January 2012 as Squadron Leader Allwright in:
April 2012 The Wizard in :
Mother Goose, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth  ‘Paul Lavers has a long TV and stage CV but makes his debut as a dame as if to the manner born, never missing an ad-lib trick.‘                                    The STAGE
Frank in ‘Educating Rita’
Lincoln Theatre Royal

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